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Cinema and Cultural Memory Archive Project graphic The archive contains materials gathered in the course of the ESRC-funded, project, 'Cinema Culture in 1930s Britain' (publications and other outputs) Consisting of letters, questionnaires, audiotaped and transcribed interviews, and memorabilia of many kinds, the collection constitutes a unique archive of cinemagoing memories, which is now available for consultation in Lancaster University Library.
Transitional space and the cinema experience graphic An exploration of D.W. Winnicott's concepts of transitional objects, transitional phenomena and transitional space as they enhance a) historical understanding of the activity of cinemagoing as a cultural experience; and b) understanding of the organisation and rhetoric of space within the film frame. The latter has relevance for the study of the phenomenology and the metapsychology of cinema as well as for film analysis. Project for study leave, during 2005-2006, is 'Transitional objects and cultural experience, with particular reference to cinema'.
ADAM graphic ADAM (Applying Digital Artefacts from a Museum): an AHRB-funded collaboration between the ICR and colleagues at the University of Exeter, ADAM will extend the range and nature of the digital Bill Douglas Collection; further develop the learning functionality of EVE; and promote good teaching and learning practice via transferable pedagogical models in using material culture in film and television studies.
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