Andrew W. M. Smith

I am currently completing my PhD at Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL) supervised by Professor Julian Jackson. My thesis title is 'Parler du CRAV est dangereux...': Militant syndicalism and regional    identity in the Languedoc viticole (1944-1992)'. Previously I graduated with a MA (hons) (First Class) and M.Litt. (Distinction) from the University of St Andrews.

My research interests focus on the communication between centre and periphery, studying the means by which such relationships are explored in the media and colour political cultures. In particular, the way in which national (and sub-national) boundaries act as a filter for these relationships.

My current research is focussed on the development of the wine industry in the French Languedoc during the Twentieth Century. I am interested in the ways by which identity and politics are moulded by the realities of economic development. My thesis attempts to unpick the contentious issues of regionalism (and regional nationalism), class conflict and violence by studying the experience of militant winegrowers and their relationship to legitimate syndicalism, the forces of order and the general public.

I also maintain an interest in Film Studies, especially horror, and the world of wine in general.