Dr Barbara Clark

This website is a short introduction to me, Barbara Clark, and what I do.

My research interests include:

  1. institutional discourse

  2. cross-cultural communication (where ‘culture’ can refer to not only national culture but also organisational culture, e.g., different departments in a large organisation)

  3. language and gender-stereotyped occupations

  4. workplace language

  5. situated language use

  6. practical applications of discourse analysis

I am keen to work in academia, industry, and public-sector settings, investigating how people use language on a daily basis, and how this situated language use contributes to notions of identity, community, and interpersonal relations. I am particularly interested in interaction where miscommunication and misunderstanding impacts safety.

You can contact me at b.l.clark@qmul.ac.uk.

I’m on Twitter at @drjavafox - At the moment, I tweet in a personal capacity, and not only about linguistics.


who am I

Linguistic anthropologist, discourse analyst, power walker, infrequent runner, coffee enthusiast.