van urk.

2017. Phase impenetrability and resumption in Dinka.
Talk at GLOW 40 in Leiden, versions of this talk were presented at NELS 47 at UMass and the LSA 2017 in Austin.

2016. On the distribution of reflexes of successive cyclicity.
Talk at phase theory workshop in Brussels, BCGL 9.

2015. Eliminating A/A'-positions.
Invited talk at University of Cambridge, LingSoc.

2014. What makes a voice system? On the relationship between voice marking and case.
AFLA 21 handout on voice systems with Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine and Ted Levin.

2014. On C and T, A'-movement and "marked nominative" in Dinka.
GLOW 37 handout on C and T in Dinka. Part of my dissertation research.

2014. The left periphery in Dinka: Intermediate movement is regular movement.
WCCFL 32 handout on intermediate movement in Dinka. Part of my dissertation research.

2013. A DM view of person-driven auxiliary selection in Upper Southern Italian.
NELS 44 handout for a project with Sam Steddy on the interaction of auxiliary selection and person in Upper Southern Italian.