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Devyani Sharma

Senior Lecturer in Linguistics

Department of Linguistics Office: Arts 1.17C
Queen Mary, University of London Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 8338
Mile End Road, London E1 4NS Email: initial dot lastname at
United Kingdom Office hours (Sept-Dec 2011): Wed 11-12, Fri 2-3

Research interests

Sociolinguistics, new varieties of English, bilingualism, variation, syntax, typology.

Recent research project: Dialect development and style in a diasporic community (ESRC, 2008-2010)

I am completing a book on the emergence of new English dialects out of bilingual continua (Oxford University Press). I am also currently co-editing the Oxford Handbook of World Englishes (Oxford University Press, with Markku Filppula and Juhani Klemola) and Research Methods in Linguistics (Cambridge University Press, with Rob Podesva). My recent ESRC project examined the transmission of dialect features across generations in an urban dialect contact situation. I am also interested in internal factors in variation and change, with a focus on syntactic variation in bilingual speech and cross-dialectal comparisons. This interest in variation extends to formal models, in particular (stochastic) Optimality Theory and Lexical Functional Grammar, in relation to English dialects, bilingual grammars, and the typology of case and agreement in Indo-Aryan languages. I am also currently an Associate Editor at the Journal of Sociolinguistics.

Curriculum Vitae

Selected work

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History of English Sociolinguistics
Bilingualism Language and Gender
Language in the UK Dialects of English
Sociolinguistic Theory (MA) Research Methods in Linguistics
Formal Approaches to Variation (MA) World Englishes (MA)
Contact and Change (MA)