Current Policy Roles

Member of the Fiscal Policy Panel for Jersey

Fiscal Commissioner for Scotland

Past roles

Local Authority Finance – for Local Government Association (2014). This review looked at how local authorities in the UK finance themselves in debt markets. It has resulted in the creation of the UK Municipal Bond Agency that aims to issue debt on behalf of a large group of local authorities 

Exchange Rate Policy in Small Rich Economies – for Central Bank of Iceland (2012). This review was part of a long-term collaboration with the Central Bank of Iceland. It gave an overview of the exchange rate policy of small rich economies and analysed the costs and benefits of the currency board/currency union arrangement that most of these countries adopt.

Strategic Asset Allocation for Norwegian Petroleum Fund – for Norwegian Ministry of Finance (2009). This review looked at the currency allocation of the Norwegian Petroleum Fund (GPF-Global) and analysed alternative options for its investment strategy.

 FX Reserves Management – for HMT (2008). This review analysed the role and investment allocation of UK Foreign Exchange Reserves.

 Expert Witness – consulting expert in a number of finance cases