Dr Falco Pfalzgraf


I have been working at Queen Mary, University of London since January 2004. Currently, I am a Senior Lecturer in (Associate Professor of) German Linguistics.

My administrative roles are: "Associate Director of Education (PGT)" (SLLF); "Departmental Exam Lead " (MLC/SLLF); "Academic Co-ordinator of the Language Centre"; "Convenor of the Language & Linguistics Section at the Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations" at Queen Mary, University of London; and the Chair of the London/UK branch of the Association for the German Language (Gesellschaft für deutsche Sprache).

My main area of research is Linguistic Purism (the field being understood in its widest sense and with both a synchronic and diachronic focus), especially concerning German. My work includes the application of discourse analysis, in particularly concerning the influence of English upon German (Fremdwörter / Anglizismen / ‘Denglisch’). I also conduct research on the relationships between politics, language, and culture. Moreover, text book / school book analysis is one of my research areas. My most recent work concerns Austrian language protection organisations.

I would be happy to receive applications for potential doctoral proposals in any of my research areas.