Playing with Jing

June 2010


Jing is a rather lovely tool from Techsmith, the same people that make the Camtasia screencasting software. It allows you to do screen capture either static images (which you can annotate) or short video clips. The basic version of Jing is free and you have to sign up for a account where you can upload your captures to share with others. Jing can also be configured to upload to your own ftp server...this is what I've done here. I can make a screen capture with Jing which automatically uploads to my College webspace and provides me with a link which I can email to people or put on a page like this!


It's kind of neat and fun...might be too easy to fill up my webspace with rubbish!

Generating RSS

May 2010


This is a static website so there's nothing clever to generate RSS feeds for me. I've been playing with a tool called Feeder to generate RSS to see how it would work. The ultimate reason is to see whether Feeder would be useful to generate the required RSS for people who want to create podcasts however I thought it might be interesting to see whether it could also be used for those who may be using "old" technology to put a little pizzazz into things!