QMUL People: Jon Nield, Ph.D., ARCS, Dip.IC

Jon Nield - Ph.D. - Biochemist and Structural Biologist

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My work

I have core interests in transmission electron microscopy, single particle analysis and X-ray crystallography.
Over the past 16 years, these techniques have been used to contribute towards almost 100 publications, 48 of which are in international journals.
[1964 citations Aug 2012; Web of Science; avg.citations/year: 106.28; h-ind. 27]

This body of work has revealed novel photosynthetic structures about 20 to 40 nm in diameter (500 to 3,000 kDa in molecular mass) and at resolutions of 15 to 25 Angstroem.
The 2D/3D structures are functionally intact photosystem reaction centres, with their light-harvesting antennae, isolated from a variety of organisms.
It is anticipated this will aid future research, elsewhere, in the design of artificial photosynthesis/renewable energy technologies.
A broader range of structures involved in bacterial pathogenesis and neurotoxicity have also been probed during my career.

My research focus is now shifting towards proteins required for the assembly/repair/regulation of the photosystems.
I maintain a keen interest in refereeing scientific papers and grants at the highest level and keep updated a teaching portfolio.
I have been an Associate editor of an international journal (2005-2009) as well as co-ordinating scientific congresses in most recent years with up to 350 participants.

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