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My work focuses on the earliest stages of linguistic information extraction and processing involved in the retrieval of individual words and parts of words, and in the combination of those pieces to form complex utterances. I am interested in how we store and process morphological constituents, how early, automatic morphological processing mechanisms handle irregularity, and how we assemble morphological constituents into interpretable words and phrases. I am also interested in how lexical semantic information is extracted and integrated into syntactic structures, and how those structures are interpreted, and in how the semantics of roots interacts with the syntax and semantics of functional morphemes. A great deal of my research centers on the morpho-syntax and morpho-semantics of verbs.

Click the links below to read more about some of the projects I am currently involved in. You can also read about the research I and researchers in my lab carry out here: LabEL (Laboratory for Experimental Linguistics).

I am interested in supervising PhD and postdoctoral research on a range of topics, so long as they are very clearly connected to my research interests and expertise. Potential PhD students should begin by completing the PhD Applicant Query Form. Potential postdocs should contact me directly.

Current and Recent Projects:

  1. Decomposing and Recomposing Affixed Words

  2. Learning about the world through generic statements: a cross-linguistic perspective.

  3. AThEME: Advancing the European Multilingual Experience

  4. OASIS | Ontology as structured by the interfaces with semantics: In search of the roots of our reality

  5. Argument Structure and Neurolinguistic Processing

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