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Welcome to the Becer Research Group!! Our group has initially been established at the University of Warwick (2010-2013) and very recently moved to Queen Mary, University of London (May-2013). Polymer Chemistry Laboratory is located in the School of Engineering and Materials Science that places us in the middle of interdisciplinary research activities. We have a broad range of research interest with having polymer chemistry as the main core activity. Frequently, we come up with unique ideas on nanomaterials or we are asked to develop novel functional polymers for various applications. We love to design new macromolecules for exciting applications in medicine, biology, dentistry as well as automotive.

We are utilizing living polymerization techniques such as anionic or cationic polymerizations and controlled radical polymerization techniques, in combination with highly efficient organic reactions, aka click reactions, to prepare most of our designed polymers. We can perform more or less all organic reactions in our laboratories in order to obtain the desired molecules. Luckily, our laboratories are very well equipped and we are able to perform extremely detailed analysis of obtained compounds. More details on synthesis and characterization techniques can be found under research section of our website.

Our research is sponsored by various sources and currently we are also seeking for more industrial partners to fund our research. During these days most of our research activities are funded by Queen Mary University of London, Innospec Ltd., Turkish Land Forces, Materials Research Institute (QMUL), and British Council. Please contact Dr Becer if you are interested in funding or donating to support our research activities on nanotechnologies based on polymer chemistry.

 UK-Turkey knowledge partnership conference
interview with Dr. Remzi Becer


Dr. Remzi Becer, School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary, University of London, E1 4NS, London, UK                                                 +44 20 7882 6534