Works in Progress

Working Papers

Published (and Forthcoming) Papers

  1. Can Executions Have a Short-Term Deterrence Effect on Non-Felony Homicides? Criminology and Public Policy, Policy Essay, 11(3): 565-571.

  2. The Impact of Education on Crime: International Evidence (with Lance Lochner), CESifo DICE Report - Journal for Institutional Comparisons 2012.

  3. Jury Discrimination in Criminal Trials (with Shamena Anwar and Patrick Bayer), 2012, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 127(2): 1017-1055. also NBER Working Paper 16366
  4. Like Godfather, Like Son: Exploring the Intergenerational Nature of Crime”  forthcoming Journal of Human Resources  (with Matthew Lindquist)

  5. “Driving Under the Influence of Our Fathers (2010) The BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy 10:1 (Topics), (with Matthew Lindquist)

  6. The Short-term and Localized Effect of Gun Shows: Evidence from California and Texas,” forthcoming Review of Economics and Statistics.  (with Mark Duggan and Brian Jacob) Also NBER Working Paper #14371.

  7. The Voting Behavior of Disenfranchised Criminals: Would They Vote if They Could?” (2010) American Law and Economics Review. Volume 12(2): 265-279. (with Mark Lopez)

  8. “Efficiency in Housing Markets: Which Home Buyers Know How to Discount?Journal of Banking and Finance Volume 33(11): 2150-2163. (with Erik Hjalmarsson)

  9.  “Building Criminal Capital Behind Bars: Peer Effects in Juvenile Corrections”, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Volume 124(1): 105-147. (with Patrick Bayer and David Pozen)

  10. Juvenile Jails: A Path to the Straight and Narrow or Hardened Criminality?”, Journal of Law and Economics, Volume 52(4): 779-809.

  11. Crime and Expected Punishment: Changes in Perceptions at the Age of Criminal Majority.”  American Law and Economics Review, Volume 11(1): 209-248. American Law and Economics Review Distinguished Article Prize, 2010, best empirical paper in last two years. 

  12. Does Capital Punishment Have a ‘Local’ Deterrent Effect on Homicides?American Law and Economics Review, Volume 11(2): 310-334.

  13. Criminal Justice Involvement and High School Completion”, Journal of Urban Economics, 63: 613-630.