Complete list of publications

Liberalism and equality of opportunity

(2018) “The Liberal Ethics of Non-Interference”, joint with Marco Mariotti, British Journal of Political Science, forthcoming. [DP version here.]

(2018) “Opportunities as chances: maximising the probability that everybody succeeds”, joint with Marco Mariotti, The Economic Journalvol. 128, 1609-1633, 2018[DP version here.]

(2017) Equality of When?”, joint with Giorgos Galanis, Oeconomia - History / Methodology /Philosophy, vol. 7, 25-59. [DP version here.]

(2016) Liberal Egalitarianism and the Harm Principle”, joint with Michele Lombardi and Kaname Miyagishima, The Economic Journal, vol. 126, 2173-2196. [DP version here.] This article is reviewed in the LSE Business Review here.

(2013) On the impossibility of complete non-interference in Paretian social judgements (joint with Marco Mariotti), Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 148, 1689-1699.

(2012) “Treading a Fine Line: Characterisations and Impossibilities for Liberal Principles in Infinitely-Lived Societies” (joint with Michele Lombardi), The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, vol. 12, article 24.

(2012) “Allocating chances of success in finite and infinite societies: The Utilitarian criterion” (joint with Marco Mariotti), Journal of Mathematical Economics, vol. 48, 226-236.

(2009) “Non-Interference Implies Equality” (joint with Marco Mariotti), Social Choice and Welfare, vol.32, 123-128.

(2007) “Intergenerational Justice, International Relations, and Sustainability” (joint with John E. Roemer), in (
John E. Roemer and K. Suzumura, Eds.) Intergenerational Equity and Sustainability, Palgrave.

(2004) “What we owe our children, they their children…” (joint with John E. Roemer), Journal of Public Economic Theory, vol. 6, 637-654. [Lead article]

(1999) “Equity in the distribution of resources between generations”,  Annali della Fondazione “L.Einaudi”, vol. 32, 3-18.

Exploitation theory

(2019) “Exploitation, Skills and Inequality” (joint with Jonathan Cogliano and Naoki Yoshihara), Review of Social Economy, forthcoming. [DP version here.]

(2018) “The theory of exploitation as the unequal exchange of labour” (joint with Naoki Yoshihara), Economics and Philosophy, forthcoming. [DP version here.]

(2017) “Globalisation and Inequality in a Dynamic Economy: An Axiomatic Analysis of Unequal Exchange” (joint with Naoki Yoshihara), Social Choice and Welfarevol. 49, 445-468, 2017. [DP version here.]

(2017) “One million miles to go: taking the axiomatic road to defining exploitation” (joint with Naoki Yoshihara), Cambridge Journal of Economicsvol. 41, 1607-1626, 2017. [DP version here.]

(2016) “The dynamics of exploitation and class in accumulation economies” (joint with Jonathan Cogliano and Naoki Yoshihara), Metroeconomica, vol. 67, 242-290. [DP version here.]

(2015) “Exploitation in economies with heterogeneous preferences, skills and assets: An axiomatic approach” (joint with Naoki Yoshihara), The Journal of Theoretical Politics, vol. 27, 8-33.

(2015) “Unequal exchange, assets, and power: recent developments in exploitation theory” (joint with
Naoki Yoshihara), in (C. Binder, G. Codognato, M. Teschl, and Y. Xu, Eds.) Individual and Collective Choice and Social Welfare, Springer, 253-288. [DP version here.]

(2013) “Exploitation, Inequality, and Power”, The Journal of Theoretical Politics, vol. 25, 526-545.

(2013) “Exploitation of Labour and Exploitation of Commodities: a ‘New Interpretation’” (joint with
Naoki Yoshihara), Review of Radical Political Economics, vol. 45, 517-524.

(2012) “Profits and Exploitation: A Reappraisal” (joint with 
Naoki Yoshihara, Advances in Mathematical Economics, vol. 16, 85-109.

(2011) “Strong Subjectivism in the Marxian Theory of Exploitation: A Critique” (joint with
Naoki Yoshihara), Metroeconomica, vol. 62, 53-68.

(2010) “Exploitation and Productiveness: The Generalised Commodity Exploitation Theorem Once Again” (joint with 
Naoki Yoshihara), Bulletin of Political Economy, vol. 4, 45-58. [DP version here.]

(2010) “Commodity Content in a General Input-Output Model: A Comment” (joint with 
Naoki Yoshihara), Metroeconomica, vol. 61, 740-748.

(2007) “Exploitation and Time
, Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 132, 189-207.

Classical price and value theory

(2018) Value, Competition and Exploitationjoint with Jonathan Cogliano, Peter FlaschelReiner Franke, and Nils Froehlich, Edward Elgar. [Flyer hereElectronic version (with some chapters freely accessible), here.]

(2017) “Value, price and exploitation: the logic of the transformation problem” (joint with Simon Mohun), Journal of Economic Surveys, vol. 31, 1387–1420. [DP version here.]

(2017) “Equal and Unequal Exchange in the Labor Theory of Value: Comments on Moseley” (joint with Simon Mohun), International Journal of Political Economyvol. 46, 35-42.

(2013) “The sources of Profitability” (joint with Nils Fr
oehlich and Peter Flaschel), in (L. Taylor, A. Rezai and T. Michl, Eds.) Social Fairness and Economics. Economic essays in the spirit of D.K. Foley, Routledge, 199-212.

(2013) “The Sources of Aggregate Profitability: Marx's Theory of Surplus Value Revisited” (joint with 
Nils Froehlich and Peter Flaschel), Intervention - European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies, vol.10, 299-312.

(2013) “Labor Productivity and the Law of Decreasing Labor Content” (joint with 
Peter Flaschel and Reiner Franke), Cambridge Journal of Economics, vol. 37(2), 379-402.

(2012) “The Measurement of Prices of Production: An Alternative Approach” (joint with 
Peter Flaschel and Reiner Franke), Review of Political Economy, vol. 24, 417-435.

(2012) “A rejoinder to Bertram Schefold” (joint with 
Peter Flaschel and Reiner Franke), Review of Political Economy, vol. 24, 445-447.

(2009) “Rosa Luxemburg’s Critique of Marx’s Schemes of Reproduction: A Re-evaluation and a Possible Generalisation” (joint with Meghnad Desai), in (R. Bellofiore, Ed.) Rosa Luxemburg and the Critique of Political Economy, Routledge, 24-33.

The Temporal Single-System Interpretation: Underdetermination and Inconsistency” (joint with Simon Mohun), Marxism21, vol. 6, 277-301. [Reprinted in (N. Potts and A. Kliman, Eds.) Is Marx's theory of profits right?, Lexington Books, Chapter 10, 99-114, 2015.]

(2007) “The Incoherence of the TSSI: A Reply to Kliman and Freeman” (joint with Simon Mohun), Capital and Class, vol. 92, 139-145.
[Reprinted in (N. Potts and A. Kliman, Eds.) Is Marx's theory of profits right?, Lexington Books, Chapter 7, 63-68, 2015.]

(2005) “Dynamics, Disequilibrium, and Marxian Economics, Review of Radical Political Economics, vol. 37, 517-529.

(2004) “The Temporal Single-System Interpretation of Marx’s Economics: A Critical Evaluation”, Metroeconomica, vol. 55, 96-114. 
[Section 3 reprinted in (N. Potts and A. Kliman, Eds.) Is Marx's theory of profits right?, Lexington Books, Chapter 5, 51-54, 2015.]

Macrodynamics & distribution

(2018) The dynamics of inequalities and unequal exchange of labor in intertemporal linear economies”, joint with Giorgos Galanis and Naoki Yoshihara, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, forthcoming. [DP version here.]

(2018) A Classical Model of Education, Growth and Distribution”, joint with Amitava K. Dutt, Macroeconomic Dynamics, forthcoming. [DP version here.]

“Education and 'Human Capitalists' in a Classical-Marxian Model of Growth and Distribution”, joint with Amitava K. Dutt, Cambridge Journal of Economics, forthcoming. [DP version here.]

(2017) “Macroeconomic and Stock Market Interactions with Endogenous Aggregate Sentiment Dynamics”, 
joint with Peter Flaschel, Matthieu Charpe, Giorgos Galanis, and Christian R. ProanoJournal of Economic Dynamics and Control, vol. 91, 237-256[DP version here.]

(2011) “Education, Growth And Distribution: Classical-Marxian Economic Thought And A Simple Model” (joint with Amitava K. Dutt), Cahiers d’Economie Politique, vol. 61, 157-185.

(2008) “Goodwin Cycles and the U.S. Economy 1948-2004” (joint with Simon Mohun), in (P. Flaschel and M. Landesmann, Ed.) Mathematical Economics and the Dynamics of Capitalism, Routledge, 157-194.

(2006) “Structural Stability and Goodwin’s Growth Cycle” (joint with Simon Mohun), Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, vol.17, 437-451.

(2006) “Goodwin Cycles and the U.S. Economy 1948-2004” (joint with Simon Mohun), Economics Study of Shangai School, vol.14, 62-73, 2006. [In Chinese]

Analytical Marxism & methodology

“Analytical Marxism”, in (D. Brennan, D. Kristjanson-Gural, C. Mulder and E. Olsen, Eds.) Handbook of Marxian Economics, Routledge, Chapter 32.

(2013) “Individualismo metodologico e teoria delle scelte razionali nel marxismo analitico”, in (E. Basile, G. Lunghini and F. Volpi, Eds.) Pensare il capitalismo. Nuove prospettive per l’economia politica, Franco Angeli, pp.98-116. [In Italian]

(2012) “Analytical Marxism”, Journal of Economic Surveys, vol. 26, 649-673.

(2012) “Reorienting Economics?” (joint with Simon Mohun), Philosophy of the Social Sciences, vol.42, 126-145.

(2009) “The Rationality of Analytical Marxism”, in (A. Chitty and M. McIvor, Eds.) Karl Marx and Contemporary Philosophy, Palgrave, pp.236-252.

(2009) “Global Capitalism and Imperialism Theory. Some Issues of Substance and Method”, Review of Political Economy, vol.21, 195-211. [Lead article]

(2009) “Rosa Luxemburg on Imperialism: Some issues of substance and method, in (R. Bellofiore, Ed.) Rosa Luxemburg and the Critique of Political Economy, Routledge, 130-143.

(2008) “A Future for (Analytical) Marxism?
”, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, vol.38, 388-399.

(2008) “Analytical Marxism and Rational Choice Marxism”, Report on the Studies of Marxism Abroad. [In Chinese]


(2019) “Socialismo azionario, antidoto alle crescenti disuguaglianze
, il manifesto, 14th of February 2019. [Full version published on the 26th of February 2019 in]

(2018) “La seduzione fatale del narcisismo, il manifesto, 28th of April 2018. [Unedited, long version here.]

(2018) “Alla febbrile ricerca del socialismo reale, il manifesto, 4th of January 2018. [Unedited, long version here.]

(2017) “Social welfare, justice and distribution” (joint with Juan D. Moreno-Ternero), Social Choice and Welfare, vol. 49, 415-421.

(2017) “Analytical Political Economy” (joint with Luca Zamparelli), Journal of Economic Surveys, vol. 31, 1149–1151.

Book Reviews

(2015) Exploitation and Economic Justice in the Liberal Capitalist State. By Mark R. Reiff. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2013, pp.372. Perspectives on Politics, vol.13, 1137-1138.

(2014) Changing Inequality. By Rebecca Blank. University of California Press, Berkeley, 2011, pp.xiii + 225. Economica, vol.81, 594-595.

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(2007) Capitalism. By V. Lippit. Routledge, London, 2005, pp. xvi + 188. Economica, vol.74, 179-180.

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(2003) Recasting Egalitarianism. By S. Bowles and H. Gintis. Verso, London and New York, 1998, pp. xiii + 397. Review of Radical Political Economics, vol.35, 553-556.