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At the moment I work for the Conference, Catering and Residential Services Department, but I am also a student at Queen Mary in my second year, studying for a BA in German and Drama (WR42).

From June until September 2007 I was working as a Conference Assistant for the Conference & Groups Office. During the summer months when the Campus is not inhabited by students, the accommodation is rented out to groups, conferences and tourists - I was the friendly face that greeted them on arrival, and along with my colleagues I was responsible for ensuring that the FOH was run efficiently, ready to help any guest as needed.

From September onwards I have remained in the same working environment but moved from the Conference & Groups Office, over to Residential Services and am now involved in much the same work; the difference being that the campus is naturally overrun with students during term time.

The following pages are here to store a few of my documents, so that I might be easier contactable and to provide a testing environment for any new online procedures the office feels necessary.

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