Group Leader
Dr Stephen Rossiter

Dr Georgia Tsagkogeorga
Dr Joe Parker
Dr Xiuguang Mao

PhD students
Hao-Chih Kuo
Lee Sim Lim
Helen Ward

Seb Bailey

Former PhD students
Dr Matt Struebig
Dr Kalina Davies



We are interested in the causes and consequences of population structure, from the level of individuals, to populations, through to species. Our studies mainly focus on bats and other mammals, and involve the use of approaches in molecular and field ecology, phylogenetics and molecular evolution to address questions in conservation and evolutionary biology.



If you are interested in joining the lab, please send me a CV in the first instance. We can then discuss options for funding. If you are thinking about applying for a PhD but you are unsure if it's the right move, then this useful article might help you to decide.



RECENT PAPERS (since 2010)

Italicized where a corresponding author. For a full list of papers with PDFs see my home page

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