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'An irreconcilable crisis? The paradoxes of strategic operational optimisation and the antinomies of counter-crisis ethics', Business Ethics: A European Review (with Erik Empson) (forthcoming);

'Citius, Altius, Fortius', London Remade, Debate on Sustainability and Democracy, August 2012 (with Erik Empson);

‘The old was dying but the new could not be born: an awakened generation’s thwarted revolution’ Antonio Gramsci: L'Ordine Nuovo and Piero Gobetti: Energie Nuove, Rivoluzione Liberale, Il Baretti’ in P. Brooker (ed.) Oxford Critical History of Modernist and Avant-Garde Magazines: Europe Vol. 3, Oxford: Oxford University Press (forthcoming). Part of the Modernist Magazines Project;

For Whose Benefit? Fear and Loathing in the Welfare State’, Journal of Political Marketing, Special Issue on Propaganda (November 2012);

‘Disobedience and Exodus’, two-day symposium on Disobedience. School of Law, Birkbeck, University of London, May 2011;

‘Short-circuiting organisation’, final workshop on Self-Organising. Queen Mary, University of London, May 2011;

‘The work of translation’, workshop on The Labour of Translation. Queen Mary, University of London, April 2010;

‘Antonio Negri’ in J. Simons (ed.) Contemporary critical theory. From Agamben to ŽiŽek, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press (2010);

‘Reflections on Postfordism’ in Fordism, Post-Fordism, and Modern Industrial Organization, Center for Digital Discourse and Culture. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, United States: June 2009;

‘Affect and the Language of Authenticity’, workshop on Authenticity in Contemporary Organisations, University of Cambridge: May 2008;

‘Immaterial labour and the metropolis’, City Centre, Department of Geography, Queen Mary University of London: February 2008;

‘Intellectual property and the general intellect’, Summit of non-aligned initiatives in education culture. Berlin: May 2007;

‘Back to the future: Hondamentalism’, Art Commerce Journal, Issue 2, June-July 2007, pdf 1 - 2;

‘Bond Street: old and new’, Art Commerce Journal, Issue 1, April-May 2007;

‘Raw’, entry to Dictionary of war. Berlin: February 2007;

‘A politics of the present’, Tailoring Biotechnologies, volume 2, issue 1, Spring-Summer 2006; full text (pdf)(with Erik Empson);

‘Immaterial labour’, Centre of Philosophy and Political Economy. University of Leicester: January 2006 (with Erik Empson);

A critical ontology of the present, 2004;

‘Online generation’, Makeworlds Paper, issue 3, September 2003 (with Erik Empson);

‘Sotto l’elmetto niente’, Global Magazine, issue 2, May 2003 (with Erik Empson);

‘The dark side of the multitude’, Dark Markets. Vienna: October 2002 (with Erik Empson);

‘Critique of power’, graduate/faculty seminar of Social and Political Thought, University of Sussex: February 2002 (with Erik Empson).

translations in print

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translations online

M. Foucault Introduction to Kant’s ‘Anthropology from a pragmatic point of view’, 1961 Thèse complémentaire (doctoral thesis) - April 2004

G. Agamben, The sacrament of language: Archaeology of the oath (Homo Sacer II, 3)

F. Berardi ‘Post Futurist Manifesto’ - February 2009

M. Dalla Costa ‘Food sovereignty, fishermen and women’ - June 2008

M. Lazzarato ‘Bakhtin's theory of the utterance’ - May 2009

C. Marazzi ‘Research and finance’ - May 2005

A. Negri ‘Value and Affect’ - October 1996

C. Vercellone ‘The new articulation of wages, rent and profit in cognitive capitalism’ - February 2008

P. Virno ‘General intellect’- July 2005

P. Virno, ‘Wit and innovation’- June 2004

A. Zanini ‘Introduction to a Lexicon of Postfordism’ - September 2005