Since the mid 1970s the focus of my research shifted from studies on the ecology of small mammals (mice, voles, shrews), to those that concentrate more on mammals of economic importance (rabbits, rats, house mice, squirrels), and to applied problems involving the health and welfare of wild and captive animals, such as big cats, Malagasy fossa and Przewalski horses, although I still continue to work with small mammals.

Studies on the behaviour and welfare of animals in the wild and captivity. Studies on Przewalski horses - released into Reserve
This is a big cat at Banham Zoo. Which species is it? in Mongolia. Photo courtesy of Sarah King.

My current work is concentrated on four main themes:

  1. Red and grey squirrel ecology and management.
  2. The health and welfare of wild and captive animals.
  3. The behaviour and ecology of wild small mammals.
  4. The feasibility of releasing beavers into England.

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