Some Bands That I Have Been Part Of:

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Pyridine 1999
Thirdlight 2005
Ex-Customer 2007
Of Miracles 2008
some "art"
Pyridine were the first proper band that i was in. We sounded like a great big load of unpleasant noise - so pretty much as planned then.
Thirdlight were a band i played bass in when i returned to London having worked in Gloucester for a while. The sound was a sort of U2 / Feeder hybrid, melodic and epic.
The Ex-Customers, what can be said about The Ex-Customers? I don't know i am only sorry that we didn't ever play any proper gigs. A thinking mans punk band perhaps?
Of Miracles are easily the best band i have ever been in. If you like shoe gaze or post rock this is for you. Epic bigness, massive guitar sounds scapes and floaty melodies. Delightful.
This is what happens when i have too much time on my hands and i decide to record some ideas. Inevitably it all comes out as some kind of primordial sonic soup. I find it all very amusing and "interesting" every one else, well they think it kinda sucks.



Some Bands That I Like A Lot:


Sonic Youth

Blood Red Shoes

Explosions In The Sky


Melt Banana