Low Latency Audio Network and Future Internet

For many years, people run physically isolated network for time critical applications such as broadcasting network. We are interested in the unified network architecture to support both low latency time critical data such as audio video streaming and best effort data such as file transfer. The architecture can be the candidate of Future Network standard (ISO...). Below are some initial work we did to move the technology toward that ultimate goal:

  1. Research Proposal of Future Internet
  2. Low Latency Audio network paper 2012 (Introduces the new layer 2 technology: Flexilink)
  3. Chinese Version Technical Brief (中文版)

Useful Links:

  1. Nine Tiles Networks Ltd.
  2. IEC 62379 standard working group
  3. [Flexilink] [Future Internet] [http://www.ninetiles.com/FutureInternet.html]

01/10/2012 by Yonghao Wang