LickWorx projects in collaboration with LickWorx Company and C4DM

The project aim to convert audio processing algorithms into entertainment applications, preferably the mobile apps with social network elements. Currently the two demo website have been made to demonstrate the basic music manipulation ideas. ( ) and ( The "lickback" app insert lyrics to a song by text to speech engine. The "lickmixer" app morphs the original tracks into different rhythm structure, for example, from R&B to HipHop.

The projects topic around this can be:

  1. Refine and optimise audio processing algorithm for mobile applications such as Android and iOS platform.
  2. Design the game elements of mobile apps in order to attract the users by considering different design aspects such as social networking integration, Human computer interface design etc.
  3. Design the commercial strategy for mobile apps to maximise the profit of the apps such as in-game purchasing and in-game energy points design etc.