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in press Fox, S. Performed narrative: the pragmatic function of this is + speaker

and other quotatives in London adolescent speech. In Ingrid van Alphen and Isabelle

Buchstaller (eds). Quotatives: Cross-linguistic and cross-disciplinary perspectives.

Amsterdam: Benjamins.

in press Fox, S., Khan, A. and Torgersen, E. The emergence and diffusion of Multicultural

                English in London and Birmingham. In Friederike Kern and Margret Setling (eds.). Pan-

ethnic styles of speaking in European Metropolitan Cities. Amsterdam: Benjamins. 

in press Fox, S. Cockney. In Alexander Bergs and Laurel Brinton (eds). Historical

                Linguistics of English: An International Handbook. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

2011       Cheshire, J., Kerswill, P., Fox, S. and Torgersen, E. Contact, the feature pool and the speech

 community: The emergence of Multicultural  London English. Journal of

 Sociolinguistics 15(2): 1-46.

2011      Torgersen, E., Gabrielatos, C., Hoffmann, S. and Fox, S.

A corpus-based study of pragmatic markers in London English. Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic

Theory. Special issue: Corpus Linguistics and Sociolinguistic Inquiry 7:1, 93-118.

2010       Gabrielatos, C., Torgersen, E., Hoffmann, S. and Fox, S.

Corpus-Based Sociolinguistic Study of Indefinite Article Forms in London English. Journal

Of English Linguistics 38: 297-334.

2010       Fox, S. Ethnicity Religion and Practices: Adolescents in the East End of London. In

Carmen Llamas and Dominic Watt (eds). Language and Identities. Edinburgh: Edinburgh

University Press. 144-56.

2009       Cheshire, J. and Fox, S. New perspectives on was/were variation in London. Language

Variation and Change. 21:1, 1-38.

2009       Britain, D. and Fox, S. The Regularisation of the Hiatus Resolution System in British English:

                A Contact-Induced 'Vernacular Universal'? In M. Filppulu, J.Klemola and H. Paulasto (eds).

Vernacular Universals vs. Contact-Induced Change. Routledge: London. 177-206.

2008       Cheshire, J., Fox, S., Kerswill, P. and Torgersen, E. Ethnicity, friendship network and social practices as the motor of dialect change: Linguistic innovation in London. Sociolinguistica 22, 1-23.

2008       Kerswill, P., Torgersen, E. and Fox, S. Reversing “drift”: Innovation and diffusion in the London diphthong system. Language Variation and Change 20:3, 451-91.

2006       Torgersen, E., Kerswill, P. and Fox, S. Ethnicity as a source of changes in the London vowel

system. In F. Hinskens (ed.). Language Variation - European Perspectives. Selected Papers

from the Third International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE3),

Amsterdam, June 2005. Amsterdam, Benjamins. 249-63.


2009       Review of Anne Pauwels, Joanne Winter and Joseph Lo Bianco (eds.) (2007). Maintaining

Minority Languages in Transnational Contexts. London: Palgrave Macmillan. Language

Policy 8:1, 81.

2009      Review of Sebastian Rasinger (2007). Bengali English in East London. Bern: Peter Lang.

    English World Wide 30:3, 350-54.

2007      Review of Donald Winford (2003). An Introduction to Contact Linguistics. Oxford:

Blackwell. Language Documentation and Conservation 2:2, 351-54



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