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Sue's teaching


Here are some of the courses and classes I have taught:


2010              Guest Lectures (4) (UEL, December)


2009-2010    English as a Global Language (Queen Mary)


2008-2009    Sociolinguistics (Queen Mary)

                   English as a Global Language (Queen Mary)


                   MA lectures: Research Methods; Colonialism (Queen Mary)


2007-2008    English as a Global Language (Queen Mary)


                   MA lectures: Research Methods; Colonialism (Queen Mary)


2006-2007    Sociolinguistics (Queen Mary)


                   MA lectures: Research Methods (Queen Mary)


2005-2006    MA lectures: Research Methods (Queen Mary)


2004               Undergraduate lectures: Sociolinguistics (Essex)


2004              Undergraduate lectures: The Nature of Language (UEL)


2002               Assistant lecturer MA: Sociolinguistics (Essex)


2002                DTEFL Sociolinguistics module (ELT Centre, Essex)


2002               Guest lectures on Cockney/Estuary English (UEL)


2001               DTEFL Sociolinguistics module (ELT Centre, Essex)


2001                Undergraduate course organiser: English for Law (UEL)


2001               Guest lectures on Cockney/Estuary English


Other Teaching


2006                Joint course co-ordinator for one week residential course on Language

                    Change for ‘Gifted and Talented’ A-Level English Language students.

 (Villiers Park Educational Trust, Cambridge)


2001-2005     ESOL and EFL lecturer. All levels of English taught from Beginners to

                    Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency.

 (Redbridge College of Further Education)





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